Pre-COVID Travel - Tokyo in October/November 2019

Camera: Leica V-Lux 5

This photo was taken at an air-bridge connecting the Kinokuniya annex building to the main Takashimaya building. I like the futuristic steel beam look of the architectural design of the bridge. I save this photo as a rotating desktop photo on my laptop computer. 

Today I noticed that the Japanese "office-suit-man" was wearing a mask. This photo was taken on 31 October 2019, well before the COVID-19 pandemic news hit worldwide. From a You-Tube video I learnt that in Japanese culture, when one is sick, it is common courtesy to wear a mask to avoid risking spread of the disease to others. The whole world is now masked-up, well, save for some who thinks that the virus understands politics. 

这张照片是在一座空中桥梁上拍摄的, 这座行人桥将Kinokuniya附楼与高岛屋主楼连接起来。 我喜欢桥未来派的梁建筑设计。 这张照片另存为我的行动电脑的旋转桌面照片。

今天,我注意到照片里有一位日本“办公室官员”戴着口罩。 这张照片摄于2019年10月31日,就在全球传播COVID-19大流行新闻之前。 从You-Tube视频中,我了解到在日本文化,一个人生病时,通常要戴口罩,以免将疾病传播给他人。 现在,除了一些还认为该病毒能了解政治的人之外,整个世界都带上口罩了。


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