Game players at Chinatown, Singapore. 新加玻的热带风情,牛车水坊下棋

Board game players at Singapore's Chinatown

When I first got the new camera, I took an afternoon off to walk around Singapore's Chinatown area to look for interesting stories to shoot. The Leica V-Lux 5 camera has a big zoom lens, intended for nature photography. It is great for shots like this as the photographer will not disturb the subject being photographed. Board game players at the open square in front of the Chinatown Complex.

新加玻的牛车水坊。热带地区天气炎热, 老人家积聚在凉亭下棋。新加玻的热带风情。去年刚买了新摄影机有特大放大镜, 拍照时不会干涉到摄影对象的自然表情。

Shot on: 

Leica V-Lux5


24 September 2019


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