Milan Tram - 21 September 2018

Milan Tram

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Milan Tram
21 September 2018

The Milan tramway network (Italian: Rete tranviaria di Milano) is an important part of the public transport network of Milan, Italy. In operation since 1881, the network is now 181.8 km (113.0 mi).It has the unusual track gauge of 1,445 mm (4 ft 8 7⁄8 in) (Italian gauge), and comprises 17 urban lines and one interurban line. As opposed to the Milan Metro, where no more than two lines ever cross each other at any of the interchange stations, the Milan tram system is substantially centralized, with around half of the tram lines passing by, or terminating by the side or nearby, the Piazza del Duomo at the center of Milan.
(Source: Wikipedia)

The Milan tram works on honesty principle, you tap your tram pass when you board the tram. Do not be tempted to try for a free ride, there are active ticket inspectors making spot checks. You can buy the tram tickets in bulk. I heard of cheeky tourists getting fines costing much more than the bulk purchase of tickets.  


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